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What is a Giveaway

It is a form of promotional competition, where gifts are given to participants who partake in the same. And the selected participants are chosen from a pool of entries at random.

Giveawayfast believes in spreading happiness in the world. Our team organizes giveaway contests on a daily/weekly basis. And the randomly chosen participants are awarded selected prizes.

In other words, a giveaway is a form of gaining an audience while giving back to the community. Under the umbrella of givawayfast, there is no monetary charge for participants.

Importance of giveaways

Giveaway fast believes in word-of-mouth marketing, as that way you have already gained the trust of the people. As a participant, you are required to follow a certain number of steps, for becoming eligible to be the winner of the contest.

But before we go ahead and learn the steps, let’s understand the importance of giveaways at giveaway fast :

● Brand Recognition

People like to buy products from the brands they recognize. Thus we do giveaways so that people become familiar with brands on our website. This also results in repeated customers for brands.

Although it must be noted that, the prospect of promotion of other brands’ products is still a prospect at giveawayfast. And for now, we are only hosting our own giveaway contests.

● Promotional Products Spread The Word

Giveawayfast believes that promo products work as the best agent for word-of-mouth marketing. Thus we will host promotional products on the giveawayfast website so that more and more people know about us and take part in our giveaway competitions.

● Reach More People

As more and more people come to our website and take part in our competitions. We will be able to reward selected prizes to a large number of participants.

But for all of this to happen, giveaways act as the best marketing tactic. Because via them, we are able to promote third-party products on our website. And at the same time, we will gain more participants, who are eager to win prizes in our giveaway contests.

● Gathering of Data

Hosting more and more giveaways would allow the team of giveawayfast to know what kind of prizes are to be given in a specific demographic. Thus we will be able to reach a large number of people.

And when you are participating in a giveaway contest at giveawayfast, then you may be asked to fill out a survey, so that we can know more about your gift preferences.

How You Can Participate in competitions at giveawayfast..

You are required to follow the below steps, for participating in any competition at giveawayfast:

● First, you must visit our website

● Then, log in with your email id.

● After that, choose the contest of your preference, which you would like to participate in.

● Once you have chosen, then share the new giveaway post with your loved ones and friends on your social media accounts. (like Facebook or Instagram)

How You Can Participate in competitions at giveawayfast..

● Now the key for winning the giveaway contest is that you must be the one who has shared the contest on his/her social media accounts, the maximum number of times.

● Different contests at giveawayfast will have different prize structures. For instance, one contest may have a single winner, while another will reward prizes to the top 5 winners.

● And last but not least, you must follow our Instagram and Facebook social media accounts.

Why We Do Giveaways at Giveawayfast?

● Social Responsibility

We at giveawayfast believe in building a community, where everyone can experience the joy of happiness. And for this sole reason, we hold tonnes of giveaway contests on our website.

We believe that it is our social responsibility to spread as much happiness as we can and earn a name, among the process.

● Save money

Giveaways act for us as a cost-effective marketing method. As more and more people participate in our giveaway contest, they stand a chance to win prizes and save money.

And our team at giveaway fast gets a chance to market third-party products with our contestants. And thus promote brands via word of mouth.

● Give back to our fans

Our fans have given giveawayfast the recognition it deserves, and so all of our giveaway contests are a sincere form of thank you to our fans.

They have played their part to perfection in sharing our contest posts on their social media accounts, an insurmountable number of times.

Thus we keep holding more and more giveaway contests at giveawayfast, for the happiness of our fans