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About Us

About Us

GiveAwayFast is a place where you will find new contests and giveaways. We also provides reliable and effective giveaway hosting services.

We host as well as list giveaways from various brands and businesses. All the contests and giveaways listed on our website are always under the radar of our team to ensure that only genuine listings are there.

You will find a list of hand-picked trending products and popular gift cards from businesses and brands. You can participate in hundreds of giveaways and win a chance to get those giveaway products.

For all the giveaways, a common rule is there. On our Instagram and FB pages, you have to tag as many people as you can in the ongoing giveaway post within a specified time slot.

Why Choose Giveawayfast?

Although there are several websites on the internet, which hold giveaway contests, but what separates us from them are the following features

● You get free prizes for participating in the contests on our website.

● We do not charge any fee for our participants.

● We have a fully functional website, which is a testament of our authenticity.

● We hold a variety of giveaway contests daily. Thus the probability of any participant winning prizes is high.

● We do not ask anything from our clients, other than that they share our contests posts as much as possible on their social media accounts.

Mission Statement

At giveawayfast, we have set up a couple of goals, so that we can keep giving away prizes via our various giveaway contests to our participants.

Let’s have a look at some of our major goals:

● Our goal is to become the biggest giveaway website the world has ever seen. And that will only become possible when having a large number of participants on our website. As their word of mouth publicity will make our website even more popular.

● Giveawayfast is poised to become the biggest promoter of third-party brand products. As more and more brands join our website and allow us to hold giveaway contests for their latest products, then their latest products get “word of mouth” publicity. And via this, their product can reach a large number of customers. This benefits us also, as we get the chance to expand our operations and host more participants.

● Another one of our goals includes fulfilling the aspect of social responsibility. We do charitable giveaways on our website also. This will ensure that a certain amount of prizes goes towards the people in need.

● The theme of giveawayfast also hides its biggest goal which is to host the maximum number of giveaway contests at a single time. And this will only become possible when more and more people visit our website and partake in the contests.

Thus we follow a rigorous marketing approach for our website.

Vision Statement

● We believe in becoming the largest giveaway website in the world. And we plan to do this by inculcating transparency, and fairness when we organize any of our contests.

● Our vision is comprising of highly idealistic principles, which allow us to serve participants on our website in a completely hassle-free manner.

● Giveawayfast has upheld its central core values from its inception. This has allowed us to become a renowned name among the giveaway contests genre.

● Some of our core values are Integrity, Boldness, Honesty, Trust, Accountability, and sincerity towards participants.

● The central aspect of our vision has always been the driving force of innovation.

Our Work

Giveawayfast is based on the core principle of spreading the essence of happiness, as much as possible. Our work entails holding a variety of giveaway contests so that prizes can be distributed among the participants.

Anyone who wishes to participate in any of our giveaway contests must perform a couple of steps such as “Sharing our posts, following our social media accounts, etc.”

Our modus operandi for giving away prizes is very simple, as the one who will share our posts the maximum number of times, will be the winner of any of our giveaway contests.